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Can Technology Save Africa?
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Can Africans Use Technology To Save Themselves?

Yes! Technology can save Africa and it is time for them to grab it. Technology has become a free gift from God to every human on earth and it is free to use. Africans are now having the chance to innovate and present themselves to the world that they can and have.

Many decades ago, Africans were depending 100% on foreign countries to help them with all sort of things. But this modern world, Africans are now trying to innovate and accomplish what they did not do in the past.

No!! According to Professor Harrison Stewart, “Africans are still depending on developed countries and this is just a pity. There is no answer to this and no one can really initiate the main reason. “The whole world is full of corruption”, he added, but in this topic, he based his knowledge on the African nations.

If Africans will start educating their political leaders and advising them with strategic decision makings, Africa will develop and bypass the European nations. On a statistics, the European nation might fall one day if their leaders do not take the necessary steps to prevent this. The downfall of Europe should be the rising part of Africa nations.

It is true that Africans have started manufacturing their own automotive vehicles and robots. Example in Ghana, there is an automotive industry since the last 2 years manufacturing consumer cars and industrial automotive devices.

The only question is, how are they going to use technology to innovate so that they can achieve and sustain their highest prospective in the global market?

Africans can accomplish these objectives if they adopt an encompassing and information driven methodology which will influence their core business qualities and develop it into a contiguous benefits which will then enhance their levels of performance to stay on the leadership position in the industry”.
The professor went on to say that

“many Africa countries have potentials to be seen as a developed market but these countries lack the developed market standards because they are neglecting their national economy. However, a country growth is seen as an indication, that the country has successfully established assurance in the national economy. Africans can only develop and benchmark with the developed European countries if they are able to establish this assurance in their own nation.

To deal with all these, the African countries should build responsibility inside their system and set up a financial reform program that will lead it to more stable levels.

In this modern world, some African countries keep on reforming their local currency without knowing that a stable currency increases a nation’s economic trust.
From statistics, Africa is the richest nation and this could help them if they stop their greedy and corruption ideology!!”

Professor Stewart concluded that

“the rigid speed of technology is changing worldwide economy at an extraordinary pace and emerging markets are simultaneously emerging. If African leaders and their citizens do not put a stop to their corruptions, mentality and utilize the worldwide knowledge (technology), strategically factors, qualities and experience, they will NEVER EVER develop and poor nations like China, Korea, India and you name them, will still come to their land and implement their cheap technology over there!”


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