Falling In Love And Falling Out

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Falling In Love And Falling Out

Are you an enemy of your ex? Does your ex sister, brother and friends hate you? Do you think you did something wrong? Well, the good news is “YOU DID NOTHING”! They hate you because of what your ex told them after the breakup, it is the only way for these known people to accept the breakup and help your ex to move on. Your ex is not going to tell all the truth behind the breakup. Sorry dude, he/she will plant the blame on you, to be considered as the bad person.

So, it was somewhere during the April 2011, when he decided not to go out anymore to find a girl friend. Well, his last relationship ended on rocks and the feelings of moving to another relationship was not so much in question. He decided to concentrate on his hobbies and forget the party going on out there. Somewhere, somehow, there should be someone waiting for him out there.

He received a call and he reached out for the phone. On the phone was his friend asking him, to hang out with him and his people that night. He was not ready to go out, since he had no more energy for any relationship. Even though his last relationship which lasted for almost 8 months was great but ended on rocks.
He thought twice and decided to hang out with his friends. It was going to the end of April and he was feeling much depressive being out there. He felt like going home and keeping himself locked from all the people,but the friends wanted to keep on partying. Suddenly, he saw this beautiful lady standing in a corner, smiling towards him. He however took it as a gesture of nothing, but well, the girl approached him and started a conversation.

At the end of the night, it was meant that the girl was ready to go home with him. He knew this was not what he came out for, but he said to himself, alright, i do not loose anything for one night.
He went home with this lady and had fun that night. The next morning, he knew he was falling for this lady so he asked her if they could exchange numbers, which the lady also agreed.

They started hanging out together on several occasions and later were termed as “boy/girl lovers”.
The two were in love and had the same attitude towards many things. One of them could look at the other and imagine himself looking into the mirror. So for many days they were together, they had fun, traveled, cooked together and and yeah.. you name it. Then came this act of introducing friends and family and yeah, all those stuffs. The two had plans and they were willingly to fulfill.
Day in and day out, things started looking much brighter, but suddenly things turned complicated. They quarreled on things without any reason, they battle on unnecessary stuffs and they tried to amend all the broken stuffs so as to stay together.

They tried, for a month, but then was time to say goodbye.
There is always hurt in breaking apart, more hurtful when you wanted this person and willing to make it work. However, we all know, that the one who said “no i don’t want it anymore’ is the winner and the one who received it, is always the looser.

Breaking up is just another stage of life. There is time for every thing, time to be born and time to die, time to be happy and time to get sad. Life is like a roller coaster. You never get what you want, but you only get what time has for you.

See, there are times when you plant a seed and time when this seed will become a plant and a time will come when this plant will die. Nothing lasts forever. Some last for days, some for weeks, some for months, for years and some for decades.
No matter how a break up ended, either you begged for your ex to come back or not, just forget it and remember, it is not written on your forehead that you did that. Just do not repeat that anymore since it is not healthy, not for you and not for your so called ex. Moving on to the next one is all that you have to have on mind. A break up could make you change your way of life, either to positive or to negative. Well, just bare with me, that either positive or negative, will not change any thing on this planet, but rather on you.

Now, it is time to go out, have fun, meet new friends, enjoy your one night stands, enjoy taking new telephone numbers, enjoy having dinner with new faces and do the best out of yourself now.

See, we all get hurt one way or the other, but we always try to get the pieces together and move on.
Your ex is not the right one for you, he / she looses you, but someone out there is waiting to grab you in his/her arms. So don’t worry, be happy.

Love is like a flower and a butterfly. A butterfly visits the flower only when the flower is on its reproductive stage, but after this, the flower moves to the next one. See this as a nature of mankind.

For example, Johnny decided to make himself a jar of coffee. First, he took 2 cubes of sugar. In the first instance, Johnny was satisfied with his coffee. So he decided to read his novel, but from no where, he said, “NO” the coffee needs more sugar, so he added another cube. But suddenly he knew that was not enough, so he moved on to add 3 cubes more and added some milk. ” Gosh ” he said, this coffee is too sweet. So he went to the kitchen, poured the coffee out of the jar and decided to make himself another coffee.

Now taking this from Johnny, this is how we are as mankind. We get something and we like it in the first place. We then try to make it better in the second place, then a little more better to get the best out of it, but then suddenly we make it worse!

But before i come to the end, remember, “It’s no good crying over spilt milk”.
Love could have been easier, beautiful and precious, if each one of us out there was ready to understand and accept the other. However, due to our huge expectations, we will always move to the next relationship which there is also no quarrante that it will be better!
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