For the guys: 10 signs she is not interested.

Not in to you.
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For the guys: 10 signs she is not interested:

There are literally billions of single women out there at the moment. Go ahead, add them up. Billions. Have you ever wasted time, money and oxygen on one that you never even had a chance with? Of course you didn’t realize it at the time, but yeah, you probably have. And the really annoying thing is that all the clues were right there in front of you, but you didn’t acknowledge them because you were so focused on the prize.

Well, you never need to make that mistake again, because we’re here to spell out the top 10 signs she’s not interested in you. Sure, it’s a hard thing to accept, but you’ll be much better off if you can spot these signs early on. You’ll also need to consider that these signs may come to you at any stage of the courtship: the day you ask her out, on the first date or perhaps even a few dates in. When any one of these signs she’s not interested do creep up, it should be your cue to move along and set your sights on one of the other billion girls out there.

Here they are, the top 10 signs she’s not interested in you:
Number 10
She Declines An Invitation
Even once is not OK. Maybe her story about a busy schedule is true, but unless she’s going into the hospital to have a kidney transplant that evening, a girl is going to find a way to go out with a guy she’s interested in. We’re not saying that you need to give up on this girl if she turns you down once, but you may need to prepare yourself for an uphill struggle to win her affection.
Number 9
She Hasn’t Introduced Her Friends

When it comes to dating, most girls want the approval of their friends. If, after several dates, she still hasn’t tried to exhibit you to one or more of her friends, it means she doesn’t expect any type of romantic relationship develop. She might be spending time with you because she has no better alternatives at the moment, but take her “secrecy” about you as one of her signs she’s not interested.
Number 8
She Always Brings Her Friends

Conversely, if you can’t get this girl to come out for some one-on-one time, there’s obviously something wrong. There’s very little room for romantic maneuvering when she has her friends in tow, which is why this is one of the signs she’s not interested in you. If she never gives you the opportunity to get close, she’s probably happy with the distance between you.
Number 7
She Talks About Other Men

Unless it’s Brad Pitt, or someone equally famous and unattainable, her talk about other men should cause you some concern. This girl’s clearly on the lookout for someone besides you, and this is a not-so-subtle way of letting you know that. The jealousy angle should not be coming into play in the early stages of a relationship — there’s plenty of time for that later. Furthermore, if she has the nerve to ask you for relationship advice, she has likely placed you in the “trusted male friend” category. Either that or she’s already playing mind games with you, which is a big red flag — thankfully, you can recognize this as a sign she’s not interested.
Number 6
She Pays More Attention To Other Men (In A Group Setting)

In this scenario, you begin the night as a couple and end up with a group — at a club or something — and she spends more time talking to another guy. Unless it’s her brother or business partner, you should be concerned. Not only is she willing to risk losing you to other girls, but she also doesn’t really care about appearing rude. Sure, she may run back to you when it’s time to collect the coats and arrange the cabs home, but it’s clear that her heart isn’t in it, and you should probably cut her loose at this point.
A lot of men don’t understand the signs she’s not interested…
Number 5
She Avoids Intimate Settings

Where she chooses to meet you says a lot. There’s a huge difference between a quiet dinner for two and coffee at lunch. If you ask her out for a romantic dinner and she suggests a lunch date, it might mean that she doesn’t want you to get the impression that your friendship is leading anywhere, particularly the bedroom. Take this avoidance for what it’s worth: it’s one of her signs she’s not interested.
Number 4
She Hasn’t Come Near You

Whether it’s by conscious decision or not, if she hasn’t made any sort of physical contact with you, such as a brush on the arm or a pat on the thigh, she may have already counted you out of the race. It’s said that women generally know within a few minutes of meeting a man whether they’ll go to bed with him, and if there’s no incidental contact within in the first couple of meetings, the chemistry’s probably not there and she knows it.
Number 3
She Doesn’t Engage In Body Language

The body language of a woman who is attracted to you is a telltale sign of interest. Does she play with her hair, mirror your gestures, sit up straight and generally try to look her best around you? No? Then she’s sending out signs she’s not interested.
Number 2
She Plays Up Other Girls

This clue is as blatant as they come, yet men fail to read into this correctly. Unlike men, girls are constantly trying to set up their single friends, especially if they think you’d be a good match. When the girl you think you’re seeing starts to big up a single friend and asks you what you think about her, she’s more than likely trying to shake you off.
Number 1
She Doesn’t Return Your Calls

Please, for your sake, take this as one of the major signs she’s not interested and not as an amusing game of cat and mouse. Don’t assume that she lost your number, that she tried to call but the line was busy or any other delusional rubbish like that. There’s nothing sadder than a guy who refuses to take a hint; don’t be him. Sure, you’re thinking: Some girls like persistent men. True, but they won’t really respect these men in the end. Don’t get played like this.

The Hunted
Our list applies to most girls, but there is also the type of girl who likes to be hunted, and this is the type of girl that needs to be considered beyond the scope of this list. For all you know, this girl could be desperately in love with you, but, as a defense mechanism, she’s reluctant to let you know it. Any girl with half a brain knows that once she has exposed this vital bit of info, she’s lost the power dynamic that exists in any potential coupling. And, as cold and unromantic as that sounds, the terms of every relationship are dictated and controlled by the one who has the power.

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