Rita Adiri Album is Truly the Soundtrack to everyone’s Christian Journey
Rita Adiri Album is Truly the Soundtrack to everyone’s Christian Journey

JBA RECORDS will release Rita Adiri upcoming album this month. This has now been announced by the manager of the artist

“Really well done.” The upcoming Gospel Album from “Rita” has vintage sounds mixed with soaring, emotive vocals and choir like harmonies. Her influences of gospel, and soul permeate each song. From the upcoming hit song “Spirit of the living God” to the heartbreak of “You are Holy” to the hope of “John 3:16” and “Somebody,”  and other  songs such as “Ye yi wo aye (meaning “We Praise You)” and “Me Kra (meaning “My Soul”)”. As she has commented on her homepage “The Assured Hope“.

Rita has created her own true brand of gospel Music that all should hear from a true to the core artist. This album also showcases her songwriting skill, her expressive, powerful vocals, and her skill at singing and arranging backing vocals.

Rita is currently signed with the JBA Records in Germany and seen as one of the great entertainers of the day. Rita Adiri has come into the gospel scene with a new record stylistically encompassing her Gospel roots.

Rita’s upcoming album features something for everyone. She showcases her skills on all the title song and combined them with an R&B vibe. Vibes FM and Unit FM will be playing the passionate ballad ‘Spirit of the living God’.

Speaking to her label, we were made aware that the album will be available on all digital stores in 2 weeks from now.  The manager added “I could go into more detail, but the fact is that Rita is inspired to make an album she can be proud of.

Vibes Fm and Unit FM Fan world wide are slated to receive a code that can enable them to download a special edition of Rita’s album.

“The energy and intensity of ‘Spirit of the Living God’ extremely matches ‘You are Holy’,” Rita said in a press release. “I’m excited to be able to share the gospel around the world.

To get a fast copy of this album, send a short message to: rita_adiri@vibesfm.de

You can get more inspiration on her homepage.

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