Reasons Why He Did Not Call You After Asking For Your Number.

So he said he would call. Funny, your phone isn’t ringing. He didn’t call. There could be many reasons.

First let’s look at a guys timing. If it’s only been a few days, he may still call. Some guys follow that 3 day rule before they call, they don’t want to seem desperate. Some of them wait a week or more, but be careful of this guy. More than likely if he has waited a while, he sees you as an option and not someone he is urgently wanting to get to know.

If he got you number though and never called, chances are good he was just in the moment. Guys live in the moment. At that moment, you were right in front of him, having a good conversation and he asked for your number. Later when the moment has passed, he thinks again and may decide it’s not a good idea. He could have a girlfriend or already be investing time with another woman. Don’t take it personally if he didn’t call when he said he would call. It’s nothing you did that caused him not to call.

A lot of times when a guy doesn’t call we start wondering. Did he lose my number? We start making up all of these ridiculous excuses for him in our heads. Stop it girl, if he didn’t call, swallow the pill, the he may not be that into you pill. Whatever you do, don’t call him please. This will upset the balance terribly as you become the one chasing.

When you give a guy your number, the best thing to do is set no expectations, don’t go getting all excited. Next week or maybe even tomorrow another guy will get your number. Don’t stress over why he didn’t call, even when he said he would. Remember, guys live in the moment and in that moment, he probably really was planning on calling, he still might call down the road, we just never know.
By Robin Cockrell


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