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Iran Rejects Weapons of Mass Destruction Meeting with USA

First lift the sanctions and then talk, Iranian leaders are demanding that the US return to the nuclear deal before Tehran meets its obligations under the treaty Tehran/Washington (dpa) - Iran has rejected a nuclear meeting proposed by the EU with the US and other...

France’s Ex-President Sarkozy Sentenced to Jail

A verdict has been reached in Paris in the sensational trial of France's former president Nicolas Sarkozy. The charge: bribery and undue influence Paris (dpa) - France's former President Nicolas Sarkozy (66) has been sentenced to three years in...

Former President Donald Trump Acquitted in Second Impeachment

Former President Donald Trump was the first US president to be impeached twice and was acquitted both times The Senate has acquitted the former president of the United States, President Donald Trump, in his second impeachment trial voting that...