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Proving that the Coronavirus was Originated From China

The final proof that China planned this coronavirus before 2018 to destroy America and Europe? 74,000 people infected in China have suddenly recovered from the COVID-19 while Italy, Spain, America, Germany and other European countries suffer with a high death rate daily.  The main reason for...

Pandemic History in the Making – Deadly Virus

Throughout the course of our 200,000 years of existence on planet earth, the human race has been overwhelmed by several plagues and pandemics that have often changed our course of history Reading about these past outbreaks, one can only try to imagine the reactions of...

US Now Leads In Recorded Coronavirus

USA now has the highest number of confirmed cases of coronavirus in the world with more than 93,000, according to health officials The cases peaked on Thursday , overtaking China and Italy. However, the per capita rate of cases varies because of the vast differences...