MP3 Downloads On Vibes FM Has Become Easier


This morning, Vibes FM Hamburg cancelled its MP3 downloads contract with the MUSICLOAD.DE in Germany and signed a contract with AMAZON......
How German Lawyers And Musicians Make Their Money

German Lawyers And Musicians Scam!


Since most German artist songs are not being bought, they have decided to take another illegal tricks to make their money....

New Apps For VIBES FM And UNIT FM – Innovation


This afternoon, both the CEO of VIBES FM Hamburg and the CEO of UNIT FM have announced new APPs for.....

UNIT FM Has Been Announced – New Radio Station


UNIT FM will go live on the 15 September 2014. This announcement was made publicly to our journalist at a conference held ....

Outkast Comeback 2014

[caption id="attachment_8652" align="alignleft" width="281" caption="Outkast
Photo: Getty/Images"]Outkast[/caption]


Outkast have been away from the rap industry and their fans have missed their unique styles, but it’s that time they are back.

Suge Knight Issued A Warrant Of Arrest

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Marion Hugh better known as Suge Knight is a wanted man. He is the founder and CEO of Black Kapital Records and co-founder and former CEO of Death Row Records.

Vibes FM Hamburg Strategic Changes In 2014

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Photo:Vibes FM Hamburg"][/caption]


There are going to be some effective change on VIBES FM Hamburg website from the year 2014 as well as our program line up.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

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Each year, nearly 1.4 million girls area unit diagnosed with carcinoma. Across VIBES FM we’ve committed to a worldwide, multi-year program to support carcinoma Awareness.

Destiny’s Child Reunion

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Photo:Getty Images"][/caption]


Destiny's Child fan gets giddy over the new track 'Nuclear'. Jennifer Hudson is excited!

Fabolous Ft. Chris Brown ‘Ready’ New Single

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Photo:Def Jam"][/caption]


Fabolous sure has a way with the ladies. Though the Brooklyn-bred MC started out spitting the wittiest raps on the mixtape scene, he quickly evolved into one of hip-hop's leading lotharios, and his latest single "Ready," with Chris Brown......