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Vibes FM Hamburg strategic changes in 2014, our new development

There are going to be some effective changes on VIBES FM Hamburg website from the year 2014 as well as our program line up.

Vibes FM will provide you with constant news everyday. New news and all gossips. This will be a strong change on our website due to our strategy reformance.
In the year 2013, we had a lot on our hands. Most of our fans contacted us due to the decrement in our news articles.
Nevertheless, we knew this, but we wanted to reform our strategy for the next coming year.

Vibes FM Hamburg is still strong and more than before. In the coming years, our news item will be a mixture of English and German.
Vibes FM Hamburg has now employed more writers for the next year daily news and spotlight articles.

Please stay tune for the effective changes on out website.

Radio Station (Music)
After a strong strategic planning, our management board has decided to maintain the streaming process. We had some listeners who raised the voice of adding German rap music to our streams, but from a strategical view, we realised that, those rap music are not a main stream that could be added to our station.

Further considerations have been made, to add another station to Vibes FM Hamburg next year.

This station will be a mixture of all languages spoken around the world ( French, German, Africa, Russia, you name it) and the station name will be “UNIT FM“.

This station will also run 24 hours for our internet music lovers.

We did make a great success in this year and we do thank all our listeners and our supporters.

Vibes FM Hamburg will also like to thank the entire team for the great work.

Our Slogan Still Remains:

Let us know your point of view in the comments box!

Written by Harris


  1. I do appreciate this changes especially with the constant new article.

    The mixture of another stations is coolllll—
    vibes FM Hamburg- — keep it up!



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