Monese dilutes negative reviews with a BOT-approved review
Monese dilutes negative reviews with a BOT-approved review

Monese dilutes negative reviews with a BOT-approved review

Monese is an Estonia FinTech startup founded in 2015 by Norris Koppel and also registered in the UK. It currently has 3 to 10 permanent employees and over 370 freelancers who look after its chatting system. According to monese, they are a UK company that offers current accounts as an alternative to traditional banking.

Based on all the negative reviews from past clients, we did a test to see how reliable this monese could be and we came to the conclusion how unreliable it is.

Before you put your money at Monese or any other non-traditional bank read this article till the end.

Monese users have complained in the past to both the FCA and the Ombudsman about their activities. So we decided to create both a business and a private account to try them out and come to a final conclusion.

Monese presents itself as an “international” account, but you have to be careful as they can block your account and withhold the money. They will always ask you why you are using Monese when you receive a transfer of more than £1000.

A Google search brought us to over 20,000 positive reviews on Trustpilot, but using our intelligence tools it was clear that almost 99% of all reviews were written by their outsourced PR agency and bots-Approved.

Can Monese be classified as a fraud/scam online-bank? The registered company PrePay Technologies Limited, has been approved by the FCA as an EMI with reg no 900010. However, users have been complaining on Trustpilot and other platforms about transactions that are forever outstanding, payouts that have been refused and funds that simply disappear. This was confirmed with the test account we created to justify what past users were saying.

Monese has tried to dilute negative reviews with a BOT-approved review. Many complaints also on their social media pages, about frozen funds and non-complaint support.

Not only have consumers felt victimised at Monese, but also at other non-traditional banks like Revolut and others.

The most devastating fact is that the FCA will do nothing about these crimes and you will be left alone.


Regarding Monese and all these online banks, you need to test each financial institution before placing your hard ending money there. Research is the key to everything in finance and business in today’s global market. Be smart and stay away from these modern online banks.

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