jurgen Kantner

German hostage beheaded in Philippine by Abu Sayyaf jihadists

Jurgen Kantner was snatched from his yacht off Malaysia's Sabah state in November. His friend Sabine Merz's body was later found on the boat. A...
U.S.-Mexico border

Man Killed Himself After Being Deported From The US

A Mexican man has committed suicide thirty minutes in the wake of being expelled from the United States. Guadalupe Olivas Valencia, 45, jumped from a...

Police Shot A Man In Hamburg


Police Shot A Ghanaian In Germany For Getting Drunk

Islam And Civilization


The rise of Islam is becoming out of control and the increase of violence is still on the increase!
African Nations

The Rise Of Africa

Inside Africa

Africans should utilize technology to innovate and to sustain their highest prospective in the global market!