How German Lawyers And Musicians Make Their Money
How German Lawyers And Musicians Make Their Money
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How German Lawyers And Musicians Make Their Money

This came to us like a suprise when a caller called our office this afternoon and informed us about the dirty work some German lawyers and other musicians have being making their daily bread. This is not a surprise, since the German law has never been realistic as they do consider it.

We do know that many youngs out there are downloading free music using torrent or bittorent – Filesharing.

Since most German artist songs are not being bought, they have decided to take another illegal tricks to make their money. This fake attitude is associated with some lawyers such as FAREDS Rechtanwaltsgesellschaft MBH, Rechtanwalt Daniel Sebastian and other lawyers who are all associated with this unscrupulous trade:

There is a file on torrent called “German Top 100 Singles”. You are adviced not to touch this file or anything associated with German music as they work like scams with the law on their foreheadz.

This file is a fake link which these guys waits 24 hours a day tracking all those who will downlaoad those songs. The torrent account is associated with these scams. After tracking your download IP, they will then contact your internet provider with a claim of abuse to request for your information and the next few days you will receive a letter from some one asking you to pay money.

A funny scenario is one artist called Thomas Olbrich with his song title – Auf Uns, also on this compilation.

One might ask, who is Thomas Olbrich?
Looking at the entire tracks on that compilation, one will just consider the songs to be poor produced and under commercial quality as German producers have never made it to the top.

From other perspective, it is not good to download other people music, but on the other hand, these guys creating a fake account on torrent is very VERY BAD!!!

The funniest part is, many other non-income lawyers have also taking this advantage to take money from culprits.

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  1. This is stupid. I think these guys are nothing but punks..

    All these lawyers associating in this are stupid and need to be castrated and placed in a chamber. That Guy Daniel Sebastian wrote me a letter some months ago requesting for money from one stupid artist. I dump his F**k letters in a gabbage… He can F**k himself


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