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Could Islam be seen as the death of civilization?

The rise of Islam is becoming out of control and the increase of violence is still on the increase. Why can’t humans live together and accept each other belief without imposing some ruthless laws like sharia on others? I am sure many Muslims will find this disturbing, but for a matter of fact I see Islam as a Religion of terrorism which involves war, raping, lying, stealing, hatred, objectifying little girls and destroying relationships and the free will that God gave to mankind.

Islam for a matter of fact is now rising up to destroy everything.There is no hard feelings for Germany and other European countries accepting Muslims, but my main critical factor is that these immigrants should be ready to allow other country citizens to have their free will. Islam is not a religion but an insult to mankind and need to be banned when they move to other countries. The rise of Syrian, Palestine and most of the Islamic countries immigration is something one need to be aware of. Muslims destroy their own country where they believe they are under the right law. I call this insanity? Muslims kill their fellow Muslims why? I mean if both are all going under their rules why do they kill one another? Why do they run to Christians’ countries?

Assuming there are two masters, one Master provides His servants with peace, flourishing life and structured economy.
The other master provides criminality, torture, raping, fight, war name them ….
Now the master providing cruelty servant runs away for a shelter at the land of the other Master servants.
But these cruel servants are now forcing the good Master servants to worship their cruel master.

Is this insanity or madness? Islam is a disease like HIV which still got no cure.
From my perspective, there is no such thing as a peaceful or moderate MUSLIM as some do claim. I see two humans, a radical and a sleeper. The ones who seem peaceful will eventually become radicalized as written in their religion. Well, there might be one or two Muslims who might be out of the 2 categories living their lives like everybody.

Also, I do think there should be a law for Islamic people in other countries; that when they make any religious political move they will be punished severely. Who dares to match on the streets of a Muslim country and ask them to convert to Christianity? Muslims should be warned to behave or be deported to where they originated from if they march on streets broadcasting whatever they call Muhammad or Mohammed and allah! If their so called allah was to be merciful, he would not have killed 711 in Mecca. I am not surprised since they were going to stone the devil, but we can all see that the devil himself did stone them. But God save their souls! I have already prayed for them.

Islamic is always welcome but we are not ready to tolerate their stupid sharia ideologies, why don’t they want to accept our religion as we do accept theirs? Even dogs and cats are able to sleep on the same mat.


7:”Behold, I am coming soon.”* Blessed is the one who keeps the prophecy message of this book.
12:”Behold, I am coming soon. I bring with me the recompense I will give to each according to his deeds. I am the Alpha and the Omega, the first and the last, the beginning and the end.

Chapter 11, tells us the free will God has given to mankind!

God never forces anyone to worship Him since that will be against His love.
It is time for you Muslims to give your life to Christ or let other people live their lives!!!!!, because you are liars! You do claim that you believe in the 10 Commandments, but it is written ” DO NOT KILL”. Why then do you kill innocent children, mothers, fathers and even your own people? Do not tell me any crappy with American’s killing children during war. The war is always to help solve your own mess. You have trained your children and wives to carry bombs and bomb innocent people. No one trust you guys!

I think this word Islam is just a disease that scientist need to find a cure to!
For muslims, it is okay to insult their allah, but it is a taboo to insult the man muhammad/mohammed who died 1000 years ago!. This is Pathetic!

Written by Peace Love & Harmony / NY

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