Nicki Minaj
Nicki Minaj

Seriously seriously… These are big butts. How did you feel when you saw the music video?

Awkward moments everyone with such big butt do experiences. TBH, I really don’t know how Nicki got all of that in her jeans.
Does this video make any sense? Did you try to avoid that video?

Wow —-ehm—is it her real butt? So big? Has this music changed the world?
In this video Nicki was total half naked … Wow! Nicki said in her lyrics “Skinny…b****”.

Come on skinny girls get some butts. I can not liar, the video is amazing and catchy for many reasons. The video is all about ass… Portraying all women in a sexy way. Anaconda is a snake.. but what has it got to do with butts?

This song is not a radio track neither has it got any positive message just like the songs from Jennifer Lopez’s booty video.

Nicki, is a successful artist and has a great influence on many young people up there. I am wondering why she decided to make this song.

Nicki is one of the biggest rappers today… many of her lyrics are explicit.
Being an idol for many young tennagers, i do think this video leave more negative impact on our society.

The video might influence young girls to start getting naked and posting them on youtube with the idea to succeed in the music world.

Nicki Minaj ass video is awesome, but in a long run not a good image for the society.

Are celebrities destroying our society? A 14 year old girl walking naked because Nicki did that?

Sure, the society accepts everything these day.

The video might be feminism, but on the other hand it is a yes/no question since Nicki was presenting herself and over sexualized in that video.

What do you think of her video? Please let us know your mind.


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