Nicki Minaj Jubilates
Nicki Minaj Jubilates "No Frauds" Remy Ma Diss Track Album Sales Increase

Almost some few days have gone by since Nicki Minaj responded to Remy Ma with a diss track, “No Frauds” featuring Drake, Lil Wayne and also Weezy F.

Before the 9 March, the Prinkprint was positioned at #170 on the Billboard 200 while Pink Friday is truant from the rundown. More sales will be updated.

“Just got the official word that in the last week, #ThePinkprint went up 79% in sales and #PinkFriday (AN ALBUM I RELEASED IN 2010) went up 81% in SALES!,” she captioned on Instagram under a picture of the aforementioned album covers. “Ok #Jesus I see u!”.

Nicki Minaj Jubilates
Nicki Minaj Jubilates


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