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Stop Abortion
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Anna still fighting to get pregnant at the age of 43

The media claims abortion rate has decreased in the last decades in a much trendy way as many people have started knowing the consequences but to our statistics, the rate of abortion is still on the increase.

In the late 90,s Anna and Thom were 18 years old each when they met during a party ceremony, where they felt in love. They spent 5 to 6 years together and within this year, Anna has already gone through 4 to 5 abortions to be able to continue with her Education.

The question is, why were they not protecting themselves, well teenagers always go in for actions without knowing the risk involved.

At the age of 25, Anna and Thom divorced and both went their own way. Thom was in another country starting life afresh whiles Anna went on with her real life.

After 18 years, Thom had already got two young sons whiles Anna still fighting to get pregnant at the age of 43.

No matter what method will be used to do an abortion, it is not safe and easy as the media pretends. According to Anna, during the last abortion, she was paralyzed for more than 1 hour at the hospital with swollen lips, legs…you name them.

According to our medical expertise, abortion comes with a lot of bad side effects that needs to be taken into a higher priority when you are out there going through the same phase.

The risk of abortion could lead to death during a later pregnancy which can occur due to the risk of ectopic or tubal which could lead to death or prevent you from ever getting pregnant as in the case of Anna. Speaking to Anna, she made it clear that, quoted; “sometimes I feel like doing something bad to Thom to retaliate, like finding something to hurt him since I am very hurt. My highest wish is to have even one child… Just one”.

According to sources, a woman stands 15% risk of dying during an Ectopic pregnancy.

According to our expertise, Anna might be suffering from PID which is one of the curse of most infertility after induced abortion.

Any one considering going through this messy abortion should think twice. Once done, you can not reverse it. To prevent any abortion, we do advice teenagers to protect themselves during any intercourse or wait till they are old enough to take responsibilities. Sex outside marriage is a SIN in the eyes of God.

Written by Harris




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