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German Ghana mixed race children

Most African European children have been denying their heritage. It is beautiful to see these mixed race ladies presenting how proud they are to be Ghanians.The two girls named Yaa Agyeiwaa and Abena Agyeman both half Germans and half natives of the Ashanti tribe (Ghana). Most blacks living in Europe or America deny their own languages and culture. This is a message to all Africans to be proud of their heritage. Ghana has almost 5 ethnic groups: Akans, Ewe, Mole-Dagbane, Guan, and Ga-Adangbe.

The Akan are further divided into the Ashanti (Asante-Twi), Fante, Akwapim, Akyem, Akwamu, Ahanta, Bono, Nzema, Kwahu, and Safwi. The Ga-Adangbe people and language group include the Ga, Adangbe, Ada, and Krobo or Kloli. Even the Ewe , who constitute a single linguistic group, are divided into the Nkonya, Tafi, Logba, Sontrokofi, Lolobi, and Likpe. North of the Volta River are the three subdivisions of the Gur-speaking people. These are the Gurma, Grusi, and Mole-Dagbane. Like the Kwa subfamilies, further divisions exist within the principal Gur groups.

Some people believe saying half caste is racist, if so why?

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Written by Sam @vibes FM Hamburg


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