Are You Isolating Yourself From The society?
Are You Isolating Yourself From The society?

Are You Isolating Yourself From The society?

She was concentrating on her work. Sure, she just wanted to be alone, but many others thought, she was not been sociable but isolated.
Well, I have no clue what the problem was. She is not obliged to befriend anyone she comes by. If I want to be by myself, there is nothing wrong with that. I love the human race, but not to be around people 24/7. She has her boundaries, but does listens to anyone who has something to share. It only becomes a problem when she’s hurting emotionally. When that happens, she might share her thoughts with others.
She has been there! Where? In the clubs, festivals, sports and many other social gatherings, so it is odd how the question of being isolated sounds. From my perspective, isolation is when your partners looks down upon you because you have that new shoes from Bilbo from the “Lord of the ring” or even a beard like Gandalf. Are you keeping yourself to yourself all day long?

Let us look at a scenario, where someone will spend more time on his laptop communicating with friends on a social network whiles others will be clubbing.

Today, the introduction of web technology has created a big social community for each and every one to participate and share his/her ideas free. There is nothing bad from isolation; it all boils down to how you do it and the reasons behind it. A person under depression is not in the state of socializing. Communicating via the internet is not a part of isolation but a part of socialization.
You do not have to socialize with people you do not like or those who turn you down. Could be at the workplace or private sector, you need to set boundaries— a rigid one!


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