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Lil Wayne Speechless Over Nicki Minaj’s $70,000 B-Day Gift

Footage of rap star Nicki Minaj’s pricey birthday present for Lil Wayne has now hit the Internet, with Weezy F. Baby at a loss for words.

In the new footage, Wayne embraces his Young Money protégé with open arms.

There’s no denying Nicki Minaj’s love for Lil Wayne. After posting photos of the lavish gift she bought her boss for his 30th birthday, she shared some video from the moment. In the clip, Nicki hands over the keys to the $70,000 T-Rex cyclecar at Wayne’s birthday bash in Hollywood. “For what, dawg?” said a surprised Weezy. “Thank you, dawg. You didn’t have to do it. I didn’t want no gifts.” After checking out his new toy, he bowed to Nicki and gave her a big hug. “A ni**a love you for real,” he told her. Can you feel the love?

Details of Minaj’s fancy present made headlines earlier this week.

What do you get the man who has everything? Nicki Minaj figured it out … getting Lil Wayne one of the craziest awesome gifts ever for his 30th birthday … a tiny 3-wheeled $70,000 sports car called a T-REX. Sources close to Nicki said, the new “American Idol” judge got Weezy a Campagna T-Rex 14R — a two-seater motorcycle-car hybrid that’s ultra-lightweight at 1,040 pounds … and FAST, reaching speeds of 150mph.

She also spent another $20,000 to customize Wayne’s birthday gift.

The trike retails for roughly $50,000 but we’re told Nicki tricked hers out as a special “thank you” for all Wayne’s done for her career — dropping a total of $70,000 on Weezy’s gift. We’re told the car-thing was delivered to Wayne at his giant 30th birthday bash in Hollywood last night — and the rapper was stoked about the present. Young money.

A few nights ago, Weezy F. Baby celebrated his 30th birthday in California.

The Young Money rapper spent $180,000 to turn an empty Hollywood building into a club for one night only. A guest tells RumorFix exclusively, “They had a sex room that had condoms, lube and Tang.” Maybe that’s why the event was called “Project XXX.” There was a swimming pool with a constant flow of girls — and the party planner made sure there were plenty of ladies dressed in lingerie to give the party some sex appeal.


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