jurgen Kantner

Jurgen Kantner was snatched from his yacht off Malaysia’s Sabah state in November. His friend Sabine Merz’s body was later found on the boat.

A due date for a 30million peso which is equivalent to £483,000 or $600,000 emancipate expired on Sunday.

Mr Kantner, 70, and Ms Merz had been kidnapped recently. They were held for 52 days in 2008 by Somali pirates and were released after a payoff was paid.

The video, revealed by the SITE militancy-monitoring group, indicates Mr Kantner being slaughtered.

Government agent Jesus Dureza affirmed the slaughtering.

“Up to the last minute, numerous divisions, including the military, depleted all endeavors to spare his life. We as a whole attempted our best however without much of any result,” he said.

Abu Sayyaf is one of the littlest and most fierce jihadist bunches in the southern Philippines, known for its mercilessness, including decapitations.

Abu Sayyaf
GettyImages – Abu Sayyaf – Islamic State

It has promised constancy to purported Islamic State and has completed kidnappings of nonnatives and Filipinos. Some have been released for payoffs yet a number are as yet being held.

After the German couple’s yacht, the Rockall, was found off Laparan Island in Sulu region on 7 November, Abu Sayyaf had issued a message saying it was in charge of the kidnapping.

GettyImages – Juergen-Kantner

Ms Merz was obviously killed as she attempted to resist the activists.

After the 2008 snatching off Somalia, Mr Kantner came back to the self-pronounced republic of Somaliland to gather his yacht, saying: “My yacht is my life and I would prefer not to lose her… I couldn’t care less about governments and pirates.”


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