T.I. and Pharrell Williams
Pharrell Williams & T.I.
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T.I Collaborates with Pharrell Williams

During this year’s 56th Annual Grammy Awards held on January 26, Executive producer Pharrell Williams won Producer of the year award. Pharrell, as mostly referred is an American rapper, singer-songwriter, fashion designer and drummer from Virginia. Pharrell and T.I. have recorded extensively for his forthcoming album, Paperwork: the motion picture.

In an interview T.I. said, “Me and pharrell have a plethora of songs. We probably done recorded 14 records. Pharrell and I alone. Words couldn’t even begin to describe how cutting-edge, left-field and just how broad these records are but they still have that texture that I speak of. They still have that Curtis Mayfield, Bobby Womack, a ridin’ dirty kind of … but a new way to present it to the world because it has that thing that Pharrell does to music that sets it apart from any and everything else that’s being played And of course I had to give it the pulse of what I know. It’s incredible work. It’s awesome” This shows how much the two rappers have worked together and he further said there are other collaborators set to be in the project like young Jeezy, Busta Rhymes and two of T.I.’s go-to recording partners.

T.I. and his Grand Hustles imprint partnered with Columbia records late 2013 whom he respect and honour to partner with such successful, passionate and creative records that consists of Doug Morris, Robert Stringer and the entire staff. During the same time, T.I. also confirmed that Pharrell Williams is staled to be an executive producer on his upcoming project which was tentatively titled ”Trouble Man.” T.I. and Pharrell Williams have collaborated in several selections over the years including Robin Thickes’s “Blurred Lines,” a chart-topping single hit for 2013. Pharrell also spoke collaborating with T.I. and other big names like Beyonce, Usher and Jennifer Hudson not forgetting Nelly. We are now waiting for the release of paperwork: The motion Picture.


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