Suke Knight
Suke Knight
Suke Knight
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Dr. Dre never gave Suge Knight permission to add his likeness in the forthcoming N.W.A biopic.

According to report, Suge Knight’s portrayal in the upcoming N.W.A biopic “Straight Outta Compton” brought about a fatal hit-and-run last month.

According to Dr Dre, there were no aggreement between him and the former CEO of Death Row Records for permission to incorporate his likeness in the film, and this apparently led to the parking lot incident where 3 men were struck by Suge Knight with his vehicle, injuring two and brought about the death of his alleged friend, Terry Carter.

“In a source, Suge said he got word he was included in the film, and wanted to talk to Dre about how he was being portrayed,” the article says. “As we’ve reported … Suge’s friend Terry Carter helped set up the meeting.

“As for what Suge was so worried about — a new trailer for the movie was just released, and there is a character whupping someone’s ass in a studio … who looks just like Suge,” TMZ adds. “Suge and Dre’s sit-down never happened because Suge got into a fight with actor Cle “Bone” Sloan … and eventually backed up over him and Carter.”

This news comes just after Suge Knight’s attorney David Kenner revealed that his client’s health issues were being treated as “serious,” after the music executive was hospitalized earlier this month after suffering from an intense physical reaction to a potentially fatal blood clot.

David Kenner reported that, Suge’s health issues are very serious. He said “We filed a motion today as the first step to get an evaluation by the medical staff at the jail. After we have that we’re going to be reporting back to the court, so that court can make a determination as to having a private physician evaluate [him].”


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