50 Cent

G-Unit’s 50 talks about his line of headphones and explains why it has been “discouraging” at times when dealing with Interscope.

During a recent stop at the Consumer Electronics Show, 50 Cent spoke about his line of headphones, as well as his frustration with Interscope Records. G-Unit’s General spoke with SpikeTV about why he decided to get into the business of headphones and why he had to vent about his frustrations with his label.

When asked about why he got into the business world of headphones, 50 explained that it has been a natural progression for him. He added that his involvement with music, his “passion” for it, has made him more aware of what it takes to create great quality of sound.

“It’s an extension to my passion for music,” he explained. “I spend more time in the studio actually mixing material, making sure that the sound quality is right than the actual creating the idea. The song writing process for me is faster than actually finishing the song, mixing it.”

50 was also asked if he felt his headset was superior to Dr. Dre’s very popular Beats by Dre headphone line. He acknowledged that 50’s line is “huge” but added that his line contains the best “wireless” headset.

“I think it’s the best sounding wireless headset,” he noted.

His interview also included a portion about his frustration with his label. As we reported, 50 Cent has complained about his label and his upcoming projects a few times in the past. While he apologized to the label most recently, he still noted that “it’s been discouraging” for him.

“I wrote this album. I went through the process of writing it. It’s been discouraging at points to not see the same effort from everyone.”


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