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Bringing your visions into reality from conception whether B2B or B2C up to the implementation phase.

In terms of back linking in Germany or international level, XVEX Pro Marketing has successfully adopted 3 methods which have been 100% accurate and successful for their clients.

The XVEX Technology CEO said, “We love search engine optimization and the complexity of ranking content to the front pages in search engines fascinates our company. We invest a lot of time and effort finding the best ways to get our customer’s website to the top. Since the more back-links a company has, the more more popular it is in Google’s eyes.” According to the CEO, not all back-links are created equal and that raises the need for XVEX Technology Pro Marketing in Germany to group this into two:

1.Authority (a website having more authority)
2.Relevance (a website having the same niche as our customers)

Xvex makes sure that all their back-links will follow RAID.
Xvex Technology and Pro Marketing also try to search for links with both high authority and relevances. They also access the Do-follow and No-Follow links and take the Black hat, white hat and the grey hat SEO methods appropriately.

Speaking to the Marketing leader at XVEX Technology in Hamburg Germany, he added “We do advice our clients against Black Hat since it can make fast profit on Google but get punished by Google at the end. The White Hat list is also great but it takes long time for Google to rank those content.
If a customer is looking for 6-12 months, we then advice on the Gray Hat which falls between the BH and WH.

XVEX Technology deals also with software application developments, games development and all software technologies.

If you need help with your online marketing strategies for the German community or international sectors, then contact XVEX Technology. Check their website under


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