Soulja Boy
Soulja Boy
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Soulja Boy was unaware of the loaded gun, Says his manger

DeAndre Cortez Way is an American rapper from Atlanta better known by his stage name as Soulja Boy was arrested in the San Fernando Valley region of Los Angeles with fellow rapper Arab who was driving his car. The police officer pulled over a car in which he was a passenger and charged him for felony weapons after police said he was carrying a loaded gun.

The southern musician’s manager, CEO Miami Mike says, Soulja Boy was unaware of the loaded gun in the car. According to Miami Mike, Soulja Boy never told the police he owned the loaded gun in his car, and thinks cops violated his rights by searching him in the first place. He further claims a neighbor left the gun under the car seat and Soulja had no idea it was there. Soulja Boy never admitted the weapon was his, and only owned the car. Mike claims the officers told soulja someone must take responsibility for the weapon. We are told Soulja believes the whole search was illegal because cops didn’t have probable cause but the thing is according to the law enforcement sources the gun was in plain view in which the case officers wouldn’t need a search warranty.

Soulja Boy’s Arrest
The 23-year old rapper was arrested on January 22, and was booked into San Fernando Valley jail, but freed after posting a $35,000 bond on Wednesday afternoon according to jail records. The arrest happened early morning on the traffic stop on a residential street in the Granada Hills area and he was arrested on the spot after cops noticed that Soulja was in possession of a loaded gun. Soulja has a history of run-ins with the law and found himself in a similar situation in 2011, when he was arrested in Temple, Georgia after the police found Marijuana, guns and cash inside of his car. Later he apologized to his funs on twitter.


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