Kim Kardashian | Kanye West

Since Kim and her boyfriend Kanye West first announced right before the New Year that they were expecting a bundle of joy, Kardashian has described her pregnancy as an “adjustment.”…

Maybe the reports of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West rejecting a $3 million offer for baby photos aren’t quite as noble as they appeared.

According to a report, Kardashian and West may have felt the $3 million figure wasn’t enough for a first look at the most anticipated baby of 2013 (at least, in the U.S.).

HollywoodLife cites a “friend of the Kardashian family” saying that Kardashian’s mother, Kris Jenner, told Kim and Kanye not to sell: “Kris instructed Kim and Kanye to NOT sell photos of their baby for a mere $3 million! Kris thinks they could get double the amount.”

As TMZ originally reported with the spin that Kardashian and West were selflessly rejecting the $3 million offer, the celebrity baby photo market is a hot one. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie apparently landed $4.1 million for pics of baby Shiloh in 2006, and $14 million for their twins two years later. Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony nabbed $6 million for the debut of their twins.

If even Matthew McConaughey managed $3 million for a photo of his baby, why wouldn’t Kardashian and West expect more?

HollywoodLife quotes a second source saying: “The main reason that Kim is not selling her pics yet is because she knows she will get more money once it gets closer to the birth, and also she doesn’t want to sell the pics yet because Kanye thinks that it is bad luck. He thinks that if they sell now, and something goes wrong with the pregnancy then he would definitely think that is the reason. He is very superstitious!”

What do you think? Will Kim and Kanye wind up cashing in on baby pics?


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