T.I. Prepping Animated Series, ‘Lil Homies’
MC thinking about lending his voice to the cartoon, which he is producing.

T.I. is still deciding on the final track list for his upcoming album King Uncaged — a rather daunting process, considering he recorded some 80 songs (including a track featuring Lady Gaga) for the project. But that doesn’t mean he’s not working on other endeavors — like, for example, a cartoon.

In an interview last week on Sirius’ Shade 45, Tip confirmed that he’s developing an animated series called “Lil Homies.” He’ll serve as a producer on the show, and he’s also considering lending his vocal talents to the project.

“I’m actually working on a TV show right now as a producer,” he told Shade 45’s Angela Yee. “[It’s] a cartoon … called ‘Lil Homies.’ I may do, like, voice over [work] … like a narrator.”

T.I. said that “Homies” still is without a network, but he’s pushing ahead with the series regardless, even saying that he’d use his producer clout to cast Yee as “a neighborhood freak.”

If and when the series hits TV, Tip will join a long list of rappers who have crossed over to the animated world: Outkast’s Andre 3000, whose series “Class of 3000” ran on the Cartoon Network in 2006; T-Pain, who served as executive producer of (and lent his voice to) “Freaknik: The Musical” earlier this year; and Danger Mouse and MF Doom, who released an album and an EP (2005’s The Mouse and the Mask and ’06’s Occult Hymn) that featured beats taken from Cartoon Network’s “Adult Swim” programming, and more than a few cameos by “Adult Swim” stars.


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