Harvard professors join Nas on the importance Hip-Hop Fellowship at Harvard University

Nasir Bin Olu Dara Jones the son of Jazz musician Olu Dara is an American rapper simply known as Nas on the stage. He has been in the hip hop industry and he is still going strong in the game with his passion to inspire the youth and creating ability in the arts as they relate to hip hop. The Hip-Hop archive and the W. E. B. Du Bois Institute at Harvard University have established the Nasir Jones Hip-Hop Fellowship which its initiative started in July last year.

Nasir Jones Hip-Hop Fellowship
The hip hop archive will provide selected scholars and artists with an opportunity to show that, “education is real power” and seek projects that build on the rich and complex in connection to hip-hop. Nas says the music represents the youth and if you don’t pay attention to it, you missing out on our youth. To protect the youth, you need to understand them by understanding the music they listen to.

The director and founder of the Hip Hop Archive at Harvard, Marcyliena Morgan, uttered that she believes in the essence of Hip Hop culture. It is critical in that you have to work at your highest level and a lot of practice. “With the introduction of the Nasir Jones Hip Hop Fellwoship, we will continue to be the leading resource for those interested in knowing, developing, building, maintaining and representing Hip Hop.” Marcyliena Morgan said.

Henry Lois Gates, Jr., a Harvard professor embraced the Hip Hop culture. It has the values and the possibilities for entrepreneurship, He says, “I don’t think there’s been a period, a cultural movement, or an art form that so specifically nurtures and encourages people that are economically disenfranchised.” American dream will be enhanced through economic freedom and individual will. He further calls Nas a visionary, and he consistently shows how boundaries can be pushed and expanded to further the cause of education and knowledge and the work of Du Bois Institute will be enriched by the Nasir Jones Hip-Hop Fellowship

Nas says the fellowship honors his work while supporting the work of others. Hip Hop represents fast life for the most part and that’s how you understand the youth.

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