VH1 Hip Hop Honors.

NEW YORK “VH1 Hip Hop Honors: The Dirty South” might have represented Atlanta, Texas, Miami, New Orleans and everywhere in between, but all points were a unified front for the event Thursday night (June 3) at the Hammerstein Ballroom.

“I always say the East Coast is one piece of bread, and the West Coast is another piece of bread,” honoree J. Prince of Rap-a-Lot Records said during the tribute. “And the South is the meat. I describe it that way, ’cause everyone has roots in the South.”

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Eminem Featuring Pink.

The second single from Eminem’s forthcoming Recovery album, “Won’t Back Down,” was released online Thursday (June 3) via RapRadar.com.

The track, produced by DJ Khalil, features Pink and finds Eminem firing off a slew of lyrical punch lines.
“Listen, garden tool/ Don’t make me introduce you to my power tool,” the Detroit native raps over Khalil’s spiked organs. “You know the f—ing drill/ How you douche bags feel?/ Knowing you’re disposable, Summer’s Eve, Massengill.”



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