T. Pain
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In an interview, T-Pain mentioned his impact on music when he was asked about his perspectives use of Auto-Tune.

“I changed music completely, so it is good to see that, but it’s terrible to see how horrible everybody sounds with it,” Pain said in an interview with…. “I studied my craft, and I make sure I know how it works. I know where it comes from. I knew how Auto-Tune got invented. I studied the technology of it. Everything. Then I used it. But everybody else is slapping it on their voice and saying they got a smash.”

T-Pain also confrimed how his music style has developed recently

“I went off for a little while trying to reinvent myself and try[ing] to do different music and stuff,” Pain said. “Everybody was saying that you need to switch it up…That was the [2011] Revolver album, and it didn’t do as good as I wanted it to. People like familiarity. People like to know what is happening. It was only right that I go back to what made me the T-Pain I am today.”

When asked about his new release he said

“This is really going to be what’s on my mind and what’s me,” he says. “I’m doing this album like [how] Quentin Tarantino makes movies. Everybody always asks Quentin Tarantino, ‘Who you make movies for?’ He don’t make movies for anybody.”

In 2011, Pain mentioned the problems he encountered during a craft Revolver.

“I actually did have some difficulty with it, but you know, it was more of me wanting to get out what I wanted to get out [and] make the songs how I wanted them to sound, how I heard them in my head,” Pain said. “Because every other time I did it on any other album, it was like, ‘Ah, well this sounds close enough. So let’s put it out…’ Then boom, every time I heard it, it bothered me, so this time I actually sat down and got it out the way I heard it in my head.”


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