Never Make These Mistakes In Your Relationship

So it is summer time and you have started dating that new guy?
Ok, then take these points before you loose him. It is great to be in love and in love even though we respect each other and have lots of rights on our beloved, but often many girls find that they have offended their guy but many a times cannot understand why the man is hurt. There are quite few things which usually guys with self respect wouldn’t like to hear.

1. Mommy’s boys:

Most guys are mommy’s boys but you don’t have to rub it in. After all she is the one gave him birth, fed him on her Milk and brought him up and made him everything he is today. She made him the guy you fell in love with, so how can you think that he would totally ignore her and be your pet? If you have a tendency to suicide then it is better to jump of the airplane without parachute rather than telling your boy he is momma’s boy. Why bring his mother in conversation where it is not required. Most Guys are touchy about their mothers as you are about your parents. No guy would like to be told that he is momma’s boy and yet, even though every girl knows it, but hardly any girl leave a chance to remind her guy that he is one. One of the biggest mistakes in a relationship.

2. You getting bald:

Most guys loose hair with age and these days even in youth the hairlines are receding. How would you feel if he tells you, “hey fatso watch your tummy and bums. They are as big as Canada”. Men usually are touchy about their hair line even if they show they don’t care. They would be waking up sweating in middle of night just dreaming of them going bald. No guy wants less than a thick crop of hair on head and it hurts their manhood if you tell him that your head is as smooth as glass or ur head is shining.Harakari in relationship.

3. We need to talk:

Now we need to talk gets their antenna up and they catch all the trouble signals in the atmosphere. Even though they know they got nothing to feel guilty about or anything yet, these words usually sound trouble in their ears. As soon as he hears these words, he is ready to take first flight to Timbuktu or to a place where you can never find him. To most guys these words means lots of drama and tears which men are not genetically engineered to handle. To most guys it means you have read some women magazine, watched !desperate house wives! or watched a lot of !sex and the city! and some fake guru have put something and you are looking for some trouble in your relationship where none exist. if there is a problem you should talk, because if you don’t talk how problem would disappear but threatening him with these words is a big no no…

4. Friends:

Friends are something which not many women like. They usually get your guy drinking and usually a bad company. Also there is a big problem, if you don’t like them and you tell them then it is a big problem and if you like them a lot, then he is jealous and again a big problem. It is always better to be talking about them very delicately and with lots of rehearsal if you want to say something negative about one or more of his friends. Same way if he criticize your best friends how would u feel or if he praise her too much how would you feel.

5 You are always like this:

You are always like this and you will never learn or change. These words are no guy want to hear and one of the biggest problems in us girls is we would always generalise and even bring in things 20 years old which has no revelence to the present conversation. We need to focus on present argument and not say these things about his character or what he believes in.

6. Anymore:

You don’t love me anymore is one thing which hurts like an arrow with head dipped in poison and, most of the times it is used to get him agree on to unreasonable demand. It is one of the biggest words to make him feel to prove you right.

7. Isn’t she pretty:

This is one question which guys know they do not have an answer to it. If they say no then you say you never agree with your observations and if he says yes then you think this guy has a roving eye.

8. My Ex never did this:

Never bring your ex in to anything or compare your current guy with your ex. What he did or didn’t, doesn’t make a difference now and, he is ex because there is a good reason for it. So why make your guy feel small in comparison and, hurt his ego and in turn hurt your relationship.

And more short list:

  1. Seeking Validation
  2. Hoping for the Best
  3. Avoiding Confrontation
  4. Not Initiating Sex With Your Partner
  5. Worrying About What You Look Like
  6. Assuming Sex Is Casual for a Man


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