DMX Wants To Piss On George Zimmerman’s Face

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Both the game and DMX are ready to box George Zimmerman. "I will beat the living f**k out of him if i am given the chance to box George Zimmerman" DMX said.

The Game Prepares For George Zimmerman

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The game has made a first bid to take on George Zimmerman.The man who was found not guilty in the killing of Trayvon Martin.

Vibes FM Hamburg Strategic Changes In 2014

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There are going to be some effective change on VIBES FM Hamburg website from the year 2014 as well as our program line up.

Vibes FM Hamburg

Vibes FM Hamburg

Blaceet Single “Fu*k All” Planned for 2014


Many of our listeners and blaceet fans are watching for that debut single "Fu*k All", that has still not appeared on internet....

Drake & Chris Brown Reconcile

Drake and Chris Brown have reportedly reconciled. The news comes from a commercial report and also the unharness of a video that includes Chris...

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

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Each year, nearly 1.4 million girls area unit diagnosed with carcinoma. Across VIBES FM we’ve committed to a worldwide, multi-year program to support carcinoma Awareness.

Jay-Z Says Internet Kills Album Review

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Following the release of Jay-Z’s 12th studio album, Magna Carta Holy Grail, many reviews of the 16-track project were penned, but according to the Brooklyn rapper, the importance of those reviews is beginning.........continue...

Drake Wants To Sit And Talk To Chris Brown ‘Man-To-Man’

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Drake has been tangled in one of hip-hop's biggest feuds, but the Toronto rapper just wants to bury the hatchet before things get out of hand with Chris Brown.

Afrikaner aus Italian nach Hamburg geschickt

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Sie bekamen 500 Euro, befristete Reisedokumente und wurden nach Hamburg geschickt: Mit 300 Flüchtlingen aus Afrika verfuhren die italienischen Behörden so. Nach herber Kritik lenken die Italiener nun ein und nehmen die Afrikaner doch auf.