McAfee SiteAdvisor False Reports

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McAfee SiteAdvisor is blocking all the Google Adsense Advertisements being displayed at our website and many other websites. Also giving a false notice that the site could destroy your computer or whatever. Please do not take this serious, either update your McAfee and this warning will not show up again. Read what google says.....

VIBES FM Frequency Coming In Your Cars

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Vibes FM has announced his transmission(locally) to vehicles(cars) and homes in the coming months. The new transmission will allow you to receive VIBES FM in your cars as you do with all other local radio stations.

Mixtape Competition For All DJs

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Submit your MIXTAPE before the 30thOctober 2012 for consideration. All Mixtapes will be voted by our listeners and our music directors. The first MIXTAPE DJ will have a 6 months weekend(1 HOUR) MIXTAPE live session on VIBES FM HAMBURG and reach million of listeners!

Dear VIBES FM Facebook Fans

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It has come to our awareness, that Facebook has started to charge money before FANS will see all post updates.Please, visit our website daily for our daily news and updates.

50 Cent And Fat Joe Officially End Beef

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It happened just as we predicted! While Rick Ross and Young Jeezy may have been igniting their beef further at the filming of the BET Hip Hop Awards in Atlanta last night, 50 Cent and Fat Joe were making peace!

Nicki Minaj’s $70,000 B-Day Gift For Lil Wayne

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Footage of rap star Nicki Minaj's pricey birthday present for Lil Wayne has now hit the Internet, with Weezy F. Baby at a loss for words. Lil Wayne Speechless Over Nicki Minaj's $70,000 B-Day Gift! Watch the video...

Sean Kingston Miami Problem Exposed

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The singer Sean Kingston is making headlines this weekend as reports claim he owes nearly $80,000 to a Miami, Florida landlord over property damage stemming from last year.

Will 50 Cent And Fat Joe Beef End Tonight?


Tonight, the 2012 BET Hip-Hop Awards will be taped at the Atlantic Civic Center, and I will like to predict that 50 Cent and Fat Joe will end their long standing feud onstage at the 2012 BET Hip-Hop Awards......

Kritische Schwachstelle Im Browser Microsoft Internet Explorer

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Photo: Microsoft/images"][/caption]


Das Bundesamt für Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik (BSI) weist Internetnutzer auf eine bisher unbekannte, kritische Schwachstelle im Browser Microsoft Internet Explorer hin. Betroffen sind IT-Systeme, die den Internet Explorer in den Versionen 7 oder 8 unter dem Betriebssystem Microsoft Windows XP, sowie in den Versionen 8 und 9 unter Microsoft Windows 7 verwenden.

Is That The End Of G-Unit?

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50 Cent recently said that Lloyd Banks and Tony Yayo need to "get themselves together,". In an interview with, Fif faults himself for closing the lines of communication, but states that he did so much for their careers that they lost the will to promote themselves. 50 Cent told news "I actually haven’t spoke to ‘em very much. I’m to fault for that, though. I think I disabled them," he said...............