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Blaceet Single “Fu*k All” – Scheduled for 2014

Many of our listeners and blaceet fans are watching for that debut single “Fu*k All”, that has still not appeared on internet.
Speaking to blaceet yesterday, we were informed that the single has been postponed to the year 2014. The reason behind it was not disclosed to us, but his manager disclosed that blaceet has been very busy in the last months with other stuffs and he is doing everything to get that track ready for next year.

Speaking to blaceet, he disclosed that, actually, he is no more interested in making music, it makes fun to record in the studio and to get all those stuffs going. He said, being in the studio and recording, getting the right track to sit and getting all those expensive equipments and software to put a magic into your music is what makes music interesting.

Listen to the songs under – Watch Out for the “Fu*k All” Scheduled for 2014!


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