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Reviewing Blaceet Album ‘PRESTIGE’ Chapter 1

First and foremost, I had the chance this afternoon, to listen to some tracks on Blaceet coming Album (PRESTIGE Vol 1.) and I have to say, these are real good FANTASTIC stuffs comparing them to songs like “Lets get it on” and ” Drop it .n. pop it!
The songs will hit the club with no question. Blaceet album is a mixture of R&B, Rap & Ballad and just name them!

After listening to some tracks such as “Shake Ya 1x”, “Tip Tap Tap(Who said)”, “We can”, I knew definitely, that Blaceet is going to hit the line!
Luckily for me, the manager allowed me to listen to other stuffs on the album such as, “Give me your love” “Special Feelings” “Search For My Soul”, Pretty little sister” “Bouncing on the phone”, “Show me your love”! I was like wow! these are what we’ve been waiting for! “Search for my soul” is a song Blaceet wrote when he was around the age of 11 and I could not believe how beautiful, romantic the lyrics and the whole concept was.

“Special feelings” is one of my favourite, but I still have “Search for my soul” in my ears. Well, the “Shake Ya 1x” will just move you to the dance floor without any question.

I was able to listen to the song titled “Sexy girls” which is a Reggaeton and also, another track which will not be on the album but on a MIXTAPE for free download also titled “Turn it on” (Will keep you updated – love that stuff! listen to that track on

Before leaving the JBA Records office, I listened to one track which had 120BPM titled “Ticket For The Next Train”! very beautiful track, house music lovers will love it!
Watch for Blaceet coming Album!

I went forward to ask Blaceet Manager if the album will be released on the 02 April 2012, well rather unfortunately, the release date will have to be moved to the middle of April since some things need to be done… Well I was not told what needs to be done…

We will give you updates on Blaceet coming album and rather unfortunately, I was not allowed to not listen to the rest of the songs.
But, I will have another meeting with the manager and hopefully……



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