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Why advertise on VIBES FM or UNIT FM?

With Our OVer 4 Million Unique Listeners, You will Not Go Wrong!!
ADVERTISER : Vibes FM and UNIT FM are advertising network that connects advertisers with consumers who are using Ad supported audio applications and services. Our service will make your company or product Reach and Engage With An Audience Like Never Before
Radio or (Internet) radio advertising is an innovative way for large and small advertisers to reach millions of targeted consumers spending their time online listening to music, radio, podcasts, VOIP chat, and more. It’s affordable and effective. Audio ads are 5-30 seconds and played the moment a visitor lands on a participating website.

Internet Radio Garners Higher Ad Response, Recall Rates Response rates increase 200% when advertisers add Internet radio to online campaigns, according to research conducted by Parks Associates. Read more

Don’t have an audio ad?:
No problem. We can have your audio ad created in as little as 48 hours in partnership with Beverly Studio and other third studios.


-Both and UNIT FM appeal to listeners worldwide . Your products are no longer limited to an AM or FM dial. Expand your brand and your product exposure worldwide with
-Both and offer three channels, each with its own genre of music, ensuring maximum reach. and reach a vast array of listeners with different back-grounds. The majority of listeners are tech savvy and comfortable with shopping and spending online.. and are able to offer much more affordable packages to accommodate your advertising needs. Whether you’re a small business or a large business, and have the capabilities to work within anyone’s budget. and take pride in providing quality programming and top notch marketing, in all markets.

If you have any questions regarding advertising or services, please contact us by mailing us on the mailer or contact unitfm under or use the contact formular and we will get back to you as soon as possible. We look forward to hearing from you. Remember, with our over million unique listeners at a given hour…. You are ready to reach your target audience.

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